Festival of African Dance Choreography
FEDCA (Festival of African Dance Choreography), is a bi-annual festival of the
dance school and cultural exchange, EDEC, at the Foundation Guiraud MR, located
in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire.  Since FEDCA is held on the site of the Foundation Guiraud
MR, we have chosen the dates of April 29 to March 10 for it's scheduling. It is during
this period that we commemorate three historical dates which are:

April 25 1989 - the commemoration of Ruth Elizabeth Straub passing away.

April 03 1993 - the ceremony of the placement of the foundation stone on the siege
of EDEC.

April 29 1994 - the inauguration of EDEC

The next edition of FEDCA will be held in April 2014

Mission of FEDCA

The objective of FEDCA is to promote the cultural exchange activities of the
Foundation Guiraud MR/EDEC and make this exchange more realistic while
motivating artistic creation.

The diplomas from EDEC are awarded to students of EDEC during the FEDCA
festival. This festival was also created to make the exchange more realistic and
motivate artistic creation. It helps artists display their works to the grand public.
FEDCA is a real market of art that helps artists to sell their art without racial,
economic or political, discrimination.
FEDCA is seeking only the best artists and especially performing artists to participate
in its activities. We have included the plastic arts, artisanal arts and stage design.
The festival is documented through photos audio and video recordings.

The program of FEDCA will include:
Performances, round tables, dance workshops, artistic and theater workshops, film
projections, conferences and touristic excursions in Cote d'Ivoire.

The mixture of ethnic groups and countries creates a diversity of culture that has
made FEDCA a real popular festival and market of art. In the past editions we have
had participants from over 25 countries including Burkina Faso, Chad, Togo,
Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Zaire, United States, France, Italy,
Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium Iran and Australia.

FEDCA is the performing arts festival unique in it's kind initiated, produced and
animated by African artists themselves with the help of sponsors, TV, radio,
newspapers and Ivoirian journalists support.
We are inviting all artists that have art to sell and buyers of art or art lovers, to come
to FEDCA to share with us the pleasure of cultural exchange. Each year FEDCA has
a new theme.  

Our wish is that this festival is to become one of the world's most popular and
professional rendez-vous with the arts. The major goal being that this become the
best promoter of the performing arts in Africa because of it's structure which is open
to the international public.

This festival can only become a real success through the participation of national
and international sponsorship and public or private donors that can encourage
artists in the creation and preservation of the performing arts. Therefore, we are
open to any contributions for the continuation of FEDCA which is planning it's 5th
edition in April 2006.