Ecole de Danse et D'Echange Culturel
Geographic Location
EDEC is located in the commercial capital of Cote d'Ivoire, Abidjan in the heart of Riviera III Les
Palmeraies,  a fast growing upscale neighborhood. EDEC is one of the key cultural hubs of
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire and West Africa.

Artistic Educational Activities
EDEC offers courses in traditional dance from all African regions, specializing in West African
Dance in general and particularly the dance of Cote d'Ivoire.

Classes are taught from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 12pm and from 2:30pm to
7:30pm.  Classes in contemporary dance, hip-hop, modern, jazz and ballet are also taught. In
addition, other classes such as reading, writing, languages, anthropology,costume design,
drum making, light and sound engineering technology, African coiffure and cuisine are offered.

Research and learning is promoted through performances at EDEC, internships in villages and
through tours to different regions of Africa. Furthermore, EDEC has attracted students from
around the world who seek to understand traditional African dance in it's cultural setting.

EDEC is the first school of it's kind in Cote d'Ivoire to provide initiation in traditional dance
choreography and its technical study which is based on Rose Marie Guiraud's unique concept
of teaching. It is thanks to EDEC that  today Cote d’Ivoire's traditional dance is identified
around the world.

Cultural Exchange
EDEC is the home of all lovers of African cuIture and performing Arts and a major attraction for
international artists, teachers and students and has hosted such artists and arts administrators
as: Chuck Davis of Dance Africa, Tap Master Sand Man Simms, Ellen Stewart of La MAMA
Theater, Baba Ishangi and Dancers, The Royal Kathak Dancers of India, the late Delia Zapata
of Cartagena Columbia, Alicia Adams of Kennedy Center to name a few. EDEC is the base of
Les Guirivoires Danse Compagnie, Les Guirettes, and the FEDCA International Dance

A few of the many top professionals in the field of performing arts worldwide that  have
benefited from the coaching or collaboration of EDEC and Rose Marie Guiraud  are artists; the
late Ernesto Djedje, Alpha Blondy, Nayanka Bell, Aicha Kone, Mai la Bombe, Dianka Diabate,
the late musician/arranger Marcelin Yace, choreographers Assayigah of Togo, Delphine Pan
Deoue and many more.

Philanthropic Activities
Ms. Guiraud's EDEC is lauded as representing the preservation and interrelationship of dance,
music and theater of  African culture. Because of the enthusiasm of so many disadvantaged
youth who could not afford school’s fees, but  poured into EDEC, Ms Guiraud by generosity
has developed a work study program, in order to help young artists, disadvantaged and
orphaned youth in Africa pursue artistic studies at EDEC.These work study scholarships are
offered to selected students after having passed an audition.

The school currently has a large percentage of disadvantaged  youth, some of whom are,
orphans and war children. It also serves as a formation school for the two largest orphanages
in Cote D'Ivoire, an activity which was recognized by the nomination of The Foundation
Guiraud EDEC as one of UNESCO's Associated Schools
In the USA
Rose Marie Guiraud
Founder Artistic and Executive Dir. or
Emmett O. McDonald,
Music Dir - Educational Advisor
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