Les Guirivoires Dance Company was founded and directed by Rose Marie
Guiraud in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire in 1973.   The company was originally
composed of students from Ms. Guiraud's private dance school, EDEC (Dance
and Cultural Exchange School). The majority of these dancers were
disadvantaged youth, orphans, war and street children who have been raised
and formed by Ms. Guiraud.  Les Guirivoires was the first national ballet of Cote
D'Ivoire Before Ms Guiraud created Le Ballet National de Cote D'Ivoire in
collaboration with the late Mamadou Conde.
Les Guirivoires Dance Company

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In the USA
Rose Marie Guiraud
Founder Artistic and Executive Dir. or
Emmett O. McDonald,
Music Director
Tel: 718-562-8656
Fax: 7

In Cote d'Ivoire

Les Guirivoires today is composed of those students who have been rewarded a diploma or certificate
by EDEC.  These young dancers,choreographers, percussionists, musicians, actors and singers, by
developing their talents, have been able to transform their lives into being stars of African dance,
percussion choreography and excellent teachers and examples for Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa and in the
World for the past three decades.

Les Guirivoires served as the first national ballet of Cote D'Ivoire before the National Ballet was created Ms
Guiraud in collaboration with the late Mamadou Conde. The Guirivoires Dance Company is composed of a
60 members troupe comprised of dancers, singers, actors, musicians, costume designers, set designers,
stage managers, music directors, hair dressing and makeup designers. The Company was divided into
three groups. The first group of 18 members travel internationally and the second group performs and
travels nationally. The youngest group in Abidjan, is Les Guirettes.  

Les Guirivoires Dance Company, working under the direction of Rose Marie Guiraud, has gained national
and international acclaim and has continued work on television, radio and tours constantly.  Some of the
members of Les Guirivoires have also developed through the guidance of Ms Guiraud, leadership qualities
which have enabled them to become ms Guiraud's key collaborators in assisting with artistic direction and
administrative duties at EDEC today.

Les Guirivoires Dance Company has toured and continues to gain international success touring worldwide
from its creation in 1973 to present.  
Les Guirivoires Dance Company is available for international bookings.