Les Guirettes Dance Company
Les Guirettes are dancers, acrobats singers, percussionists and actors. They
possess a rich repertoire of African Dance Choreography which is true and
spontaneous, because of the early age at which they have begun their art. Art has
become their mother and father and they live it with love and without condition or
holding back. The genius of these young artists has been recognized by UNESCO in
naming this school EDEC (Dance and Cultural Exchange School), as one of its
Associated schools.
Les Guirettes have
conquered stages in Cote
D'Ivoire, other African
countries and in Europe and
are looking forward to their
American debut in 1999-2000.
They need the help of
sponsors, benevolent groups
and private donations to
continue to realize their
Les Guirettes, are composed of young artists from diverse backgrounds including orphans and
disadvantaged children of Cote D'Ivoire and victims of civil wars from neighboring African
countries. Like Les Guivoires, this younger company lives from the benefits of performance
contracts. Ms Guiraud has insisted that all the members of Les Guirettes are enrolled in school.
For this reason Ms.Guiraud has gone even further by adding a kindergarten and elementary
school to her dance school. Today the elementary school has nearly 150 students. These
children also are provided room and board at the school
Our greatest hope Is that the grand international
organizations come to the aid of the Foundation
Guiraud MR, parent organization of Les Guirettes. Its
founder, Rose Marie Guiraud, has always
realized the need for international cooperation and is calling
out for your aid in the maintenance
of this organization which is of tremendous social
importance to the resolution of the African
problem Saving the children.

All contracts offered are considered as a gift. Each voyage
participates in the education of these
dynamic youth.
Les Guirettes Dance Company

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In the USA
Rose Marie Guiraud
Founder Artistic and Executive Dir. or
Emmett O. McDonald,
Music Director
Tel: 718-562-8656
Fax: 917-7924237

E-mail:  info@guiraudmredec.org