Rose Marie Guiraud
is an internationally acclaimed  multi-talented
dancer, choreographer, actress, singer,
storyteller and teacher who began her
professional career from the age of four as a
traditional African dancer and singer.

For more than 31 years Ms. Guiraud has
continued to develop her  techniques of
professional African choreography,  dance and
Ms Guiraud is the  Founder/Director of EDEC,
GMCE and Three Dance companies:
Les Guirivoires, Les Guirettes  in Cote d'Ivoire
Les Guirivoires Dance Theatre Company,
in the USA. In addition, she is an  anthropologist,
playwright, arts administrator, costume
designer, lecturer and arts educator. She is
fluent in four languages: Wê, Malinké, French
and English,
Ms Guiraud has collaborated with
some of the leading professionals
in the performing arts and major
institutions internationally, in
Africa,  Asia, Europe, North and
South America and Scandinavia
throughout her  brilliant career.
She is author of several theatrical
plays and dance theater dramas.
She also has recorded six albums
as a solo vocal artist.
Ms. Guiraud has a vast experience of raising and working with young adults and young
artists, especially disadvantaged youth among which are war orphans and special
education children in Africa and the USA.

She has created an appropriate training and support base for young people to achieve self-
sufficiency and reintegration into their communities and established alliances and
collaborations with arts organizations, hospitals, churches, school districts, after school
programs, universities, dance schools, festivals, conservatories, dance & theater

Ms. Guiraud has demonstrated a strong ability to build student's skills to a professional
level of performance and reinforce student’s own creativity and responsibility in their

In spite of the tremendous amount of time and energy spent in training youth and young
professionals Ms Guiraud has found time to be; on the Jury of Young Choreographers
Project, Theater & Miss Pageants for Africa and Europe, a member of the Educating Cities
Conference, serve as a talent scout and producer of artist performers and perform as a
radio and television personality, guitarist and percussionist.

Rose Marie Guiraud continues her work as a beacon in the performing arts and education
because in Ms Guiraud's words, " The Dance is Beauty, Love, Giving and Receiving, Life
and Light ".
Ms. Guiraud is presently residing in the USA